Terms of Service

How does pnoeu.com work?

The company Planaspneus, registered with the RCS of Hérault under the number 51089608700010 is VAT number FR03510896087 having its registered office 26 Avenue du Cabernet 34350 Vendres aims at to make available to individual consumers and professionals selling tires (hereinafter advertisers) a classified advertisement service for publication on its website PNOEU.COM.

Advertisers wishing to offer for sale their Tires, Wheel Assemblies, Wheels, or Chains, conclude a contract with PNOEU.COM. As part of this contractual relationship, PNOEU.COM receives a fee from advertisers for the distribution of their classifieds except for the case of free classified ads for private consumers not exceeding 5 (five) ads and not taking no option.

In these results, classified ads where paid priority ranking options have been selected will rank first.

When entering the PNOEU.COM home page, the user can use several search criteria to get as close as possible to what he is looking for: type / width / height / diameter / brand / profile, etc. The results of the established research will thus be different according to the chosen criteria.

They will also be able to regularly consult the list of tires that they have entered to make a point on the part of their stocks for sale on the site.

The consultation of classified ads is completely free for Internet users, no prior registration is necessary. Will also pay, ads for all professional advertisers, and advertising pages. The terms of delivery and payment will be decided by mutual agreement by the sellers and buyers.

The use of PNOEU.COM does not create any obligation to contact advertisers, however, they can contact them for free using their telephone number or email address. PNOEU.COM does not intervene in the exchanges between the advertisers and the Internet users.

Sales contracts are not concluded by PNOEU.COM. If the user is interested in the offer of sale of the advertiser, he can, if necessary, conclude a sales contract with the advertiser.

The contract is not concluded at a distance following a solicitation telephone or off-premises, the buyer does not benefit from the right of retraction.

Whatever the quality of the seller, he is under the guarantee of hidden defects of the thing sold under articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code. The sales contract is subject to the provisions of the Civil Code relating to the law of obligations of civil liability applicable to the contractual relationship. The content of the classifieds on PNOEU.com is based on information provided by advertisers. The classifieds are put online under the responsibility of the advertisers.

It may be, therefore, that some information has been false or incomplete; It is therefore up to Internet users to verify the information provided before the conclusion of the contract.

PNOEU.com does not exercise any control notably on the quality, the operation, the safety, the transferability, the conformity, the general state of the advertised goods, the capacity of the sellers to sell the said good nor the ability of buyers to pay the right.

However, it is up to users to notify PNOEU.COM through its contact page if one of its advertisers has deceptive sales practices.

In the event of a dispute between sellers and buyers, PNOEU.COM does not intervene in the settlement of disputes, it is up to sellers and buyers to seek common ground, particularly through mediation or conciliation. In France,

Mediation is a method of amicable resolution of disputes, free for the consumer and confidential.

Before entering a mediator, you must first contact the professional to try to resolve the dispute.

PNOEU.COM will be able to arbitrarily remove all published ads in case of any illegal content in accordance with the legislation in force.

Finally, since PNOEU.COM is a site of French origin with French CGV and CGU, any dispute directly concerning the site will be subject to the rules of French law, the reference language being French.

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